Our Team

Dr. Cheryl Kubacz


Cheryl Kubacz is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine and Exercise Physiology. She has spent her years as a practitioner focused on women’s health and prevention of disease. Cheryl is passionate about participating in life transformation by empowering others through the light and love of Jesus Christ.

She is married to Darol Kubacz and has a fur-baby named Rosko. Cheryl has been at FCC since November 2018.

Delaine Rogers

Site Coordinator, Seneca

Delaine Rogers has the gift of compassion and the ability to speak truth in love to people who need encouragement. She has been an integral part of FCC since 2011. As our longest-serving staff member, Delaine has held several positions within Foothills and is now the Site Coordinator for the Seneca location.

Delaine is married to Carl Rogers and has four children.

Ashley Shick


Ashley Shick brings a three-fold set of qualifications to Foothills: Nursing skills, a passion to serve families, and a love for Jesus. She cares for others in tangible ways and never passes up an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. Ashley has been with FCC since 2015 and has been a crucial part of our expansion into a more medically-focused mission.

She is married to Adam Shick and has three children and two grandchildren.

Susan Lombardo

Site Coordinator, Clemson

Susan Lombardo came out of an office administration and fitness background to FCC in 2014. She leads A Time to Heal, a recovery group for those hurting from the effects of abortion, miscarriage, and other loss. Susan shares God’s love in all areas of life. She is fully committed to the goal of serving Clemson and Pickens County through medical services, teaching healthy decision-making, and relationships.

Susan is married to Graham Lombardo and has one child.

Vickie Raper

Client Care Coordinator

Vickie Raper has the gift of serving and helping others. She began her career as a kindergarten teacher and is utilizing the skills gained there to teach, love, and touch individuals in our community. Vickie has been with FCC since 2017. Her faith in Jesus is demonstrated by how she cares for others, showing them the way to freedom in the Lord.

Vickie is married to Robbie Raper and has two children and one grandchild.

Abby Keehn

Accounting Intern

Abigail Keehn, aka Mabby, is an Accounting Intern at FCC. She is in training to take over the financial transaction processing and reporting for FCC. Abby has served at the Center in this capacity since 2018. She is extremely organized, quick to understand new things, and diligent in performing all assignments. Mabby displays God’s grace and wisdom.